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-Версия обновления: Update 1 от 12 августа 2015
Требуемая версия: Релиз CODEX
Язык обновления: Любой, не зависит от языка
Таблетка: Присутствует (CODEX)-

Список изменений

Update 1:
Improved mouse-movement controls
New Transmutation recipe: Combine 3 Dyes to get a random Dye
Removed user limit for Treasure Hunt/Bounty keys
Number of deaths is now displayed in the Save Slot info
Locked Destiny Card slots are now shown in the inventory
Changed the way Epic buff scales health and damage; Epic monsters and monsters in the Botomless Pit rebalanced
Increased max number of meteors from the Meteor Demon Power
"Of the Vulture" and "of the Leech" weapon properties are now stronger
"Restart Map" now returns the player to his/her point of entrance on the map
Additional loot drop bonuses do not apply to Gift Boxes
Skill cooldown reduction capped at 80%
Treasure Hunts/Bounties are now sorted by their remaining time
It is no longer possible to waste treasure keys by redeeming them in pre-game chat
Fixed game crash on traveling to another map
Fixed game freeze during dancing
Fixed FPS drop from rats
Fixed a bug causing Outifts to be destroyed during Transmutation
Fixed infinite leveling up in the Level Up interface
Fixed Champion Essences not dropping loot
Fixed a dodge and move issue while using lightning gun with mouse-movement controls
Fixed a bug that allowed Demon Power properties to be increased above the intended maximum
Fixed a bug causing certain Epic monsters to become stronger than intended
Fixed a bug that prevented the character from moving with no equipped weapons
Fixed first kill reward for Chromatic Essence and Screeching Calamity encounters
Fixed equipping of high-level weapons on low-level characters in Private Stash
Fixed stucking in Dance state with mouse-move controls
Fixed bad scrolling in chat caused by scroll wheel rebinding
Mac OS X: Fixed controller LT not working


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